Friday, January 17

Trump Unveiled that the Media, Pundits & Washington are Stupid

For the past three years, Trump decided to create his own path. Trump refused to follow the pragmatic ideology that kept the American public suppressed for many decades. Since the media enjoy using the stock market as their barometer on the presidents approval, the media would be in glee saying the market fell because of Trump impeachment or the China Trade War. Since we have no say, but trust in the president. Now, look what happened! The DOW Jones is over 29,000 and the NASDAQ and the S&P reached new highs. This is due to company earnings, and the 1st phase trade agreement with China, and the passage of the US/Canada/Mexico trade agreement. What is not mentioned is tariffs does work. It pushed China to concede and brought them back to the negotiation table. There will be many pundits who can debate that tariffs don’t work. However, it’s about opportunities. In regards to China, Trump slapped China with tariffs when China was down and desperate and it worked. I also want to include that the 1st phase of the Chiba deal puts China on notice. There are repercussions if China breaks the deal. Like I said, Trump is someone who will not be duped.

Beside making the media look like idiots, the media is pissed that Trump is controlling them. Trump stopped giving news briefing and only give question and answer under Trumps time. It’s quite funny how the media calling Trumps phone interview with conservative talk show host Rush Limbaugh as reckless and illegitimate. Trump has changed the narrative of the media. Proving his unorthodox method works, Trump is not following the media script that past presidents had done.

Trump was elected as a disruptor and an outsider showing the American public the obvious corruption  in the media and Washington. Trump set the standard what Americans want and that is keeping ones promises. Not even the great Ronald Reagan was not able to keep all of his promises. This is what a president should do. The Washington establishment act like robots. They are scripted to follow a certain  rule. If you don’t believe me, compare Trump action to the last 5 president. There is no comparison.

Trump neutered the Republicans in Washington to follow him or fail. Trump has the public on his side. Yes, Republicans may not like him, but if these career politicians what to continue their behind the scene shenanigans, they have no choice but comply. Trump off-the-cuff daily comments on social media is putting the Washington establishment in the corner. These crazy comments has worked before Trump was president; so, why stop now?

Trump showed the incompetence of NATO and the UN and the whole world. Prior, the USA would pay majority of the bill, send US troops, and still get blamed. Now, Trump says NATO has to do more, countries has to take part and participate in sharing the burden to pay the bill and putting in more troops. This has never been done with past presidents.

This is why the Washington establishment and the MSM hate Trump. Trump is showing that make America great again is real.

Let’s review. Stock markets are up. 401k portfolio has gone up. America is energy independent as an oil exporter. Gas prices stable. Unemployment is historic lows for teenagers,  blacks, Hispanics, and women. On average, tax cuts and a great economy put an extra $4000 in our pockets. We got rid of two high profiled terrorist. Because of that, protesters for freedom is spreading throughout the world from Iran to Hong Kong. Trump put two conservative judges to the Supreme Court. Trump got China to sign a trade agreement. Trump created a new branch of the military called Space Force. And the main promise that no president wanted to touch, Trump is building a border wall. Not 100 miles but over 800 miles, which is on schedule to be completed by 2022.

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