Thursday, January 23

The Beginning for the End of Radical Islam in Iran

This is the end of the radical Iranian government in Tehran, Iran. The people are given the one rare opportunity given by Trump to make things right for themselves. Because nation building wasn’t a platform Trump ran on, Trump didn’t say he wouldn’t help the cause. Iran has been in a decline since they stormed into the US embassy and kidnapped 50+ American Hostages in 1979.  There were a few times when Iranians wanted to take their country back from radical Islam but it failed. This is due to certain players in leadership that were hindering the progress. With Trump getting the grand prize in Soleimani, the Iranians can now take out other lesser players; in order that, balance could be brought back to  the country. “This is the way” “I have spoken” (Disney +, Mandalorian)

Masked gunmen kill local commander of Iran's security forces

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