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The Flu is More Dangerous Than the Coronavirus. Don’t Listen to the Media

Sorry that I was away. For the past month, I had a constant, annoying dry cough that wouldn’t stop. I took vacation time from work to avoid any of my coworkers from getting it. Hence, I couldn’t be called a terrorist. Lol. I caught this nagging cough from a coworker who came back from a cruise in mid-January. Since then, whatever he had he gave it to me. Symptoms were unremarkable. No fever, no sweating, no respiratory problems, no sore throat, no running nose, no diarrhea, and no other symptoms that reflects a flu or the Coronavirus.  But to make sure, I took vacation time and stayed at home.

I sipped two shots of whiskey. My whiskey of choice I enjoy drinking is either Macallan 15 or Suntory Toki. I drank it everyday while I was sick and it seems to help. My coughing lessened each passing day, but it took over a month. No doctors. No hospital. No medication.  I keep myself basically healthy. I work out often and I watch my caloric intake. 

Since I don’t watch a lot of television, I get my news online. However, since I’m home bound, I sat and surfed the channel from all the major networks.  From morning to night, all the coverage hovered on the Coronavirus, COVID-19, Wuhan virus, or the Chinese virus. At this point, I really don’t care what it is called. For simplicity, I will call it Coronavirus.

The first thing I always recommend is to verify the medias manipulation to the news.  As a priority, the media love chaos and anything to bring the president down. It was obvious and blatant how the media was trying to pin the virus on the president. It’s so ironic how the media whined for the past three year that Trump wouldn’t give a formal press meeting. Now they get a daily news press briefing on the Coronavirus with the president and the press regrets it. I’m not the only one that see it. Everybody sees it. The press would mince and cut/paste video during the afternoon press briefing to make Trump look bad for the evening news.  When it became blatant the major news networks were spreading fake news Trump decided to give his press briefing during prime time when most of America can watch it live and uncensored.  This made the president look good and the media look weak. In fact, the main stream media wanted to stop broadcasting the press conference all together.  Now, that’s irony. Of course, the main stream media won’t stop broadcasting. If they did, they would be losing ads and sponsors.

But I digress. I wanted to write about the stigma that the media caused in this country.  If the media had its choice they would love this virus pandemic last through to the elections. They would love to call this Trumps Hurricane Katrina. It is disgusting how the media plays the fear of the American people.

But let me make myself completely clear, this virus is not as bad as the flu or influenza. Granted that the Coronavirus doesn’t have a vaccine, which makes it dangerous, but if there wasn’t a flu vaccine, we would see a huge pandemic of epic proportions.  Also, since we had a vaccine for the flu there are still over 200,000 death to the influenza or the common flu. Look at this:

Notice this was dated on 1/2020. It states the World Health Organization (WHO) estimated worldwide  flu epidemic to cause between 3-5 million cases and 250,000-500,000 deaths.  Remember we have the flu vaccine. These vaccines can give you a 50% change of immunity for the year as long the scientists got the right strain right. There are 200 active strains of the flu virus. Scientist pick three or four prevalent stains to be included to make the vaccine each year. In my accounts, there are less then 20 strains of the COVID-19. Now let compare to this picture:

This was dated March 18, 2020. Can you see the difference what the media won’t report? These figures can be seen in the website. 

Anyone can manipulate numbers, but they can’t twist facts. The media love to tout about the death rate. Forget the death rate. That figures has been manipulated from both sides to make it look positive or negative. Let’s look at hard facts. We are concerns about how many deaths this virus can cause each year. The fatality is a travesty, but numbers are numbers.  In a give year, the flu can cause 250,000 to 500,000 deaths and it is dependent upon if the scientists chose the right stain to create the flu vaccine for that year. The Coronavirus caused 8,908 death this year.  Can you see the difference? Also, keep in mind there isn’t a vaccine for the Coronavirus as of now. 

Now let’s look at the death toll and cases for the Coronavirus in America.

This was taken on March 18, 2020 from the website. 

Now look the death toll and cases to the flu in America 

Do you see the comparison? The CDC estimated in the USA 36 million cases, and 22,000 deaths, of which 144 deaths were children, for the flu. Keep in mind a flu season is from October to April. The Coronavirus started in December 2019. For the Coronavirus in the USA, as of March 18, 2020, there were 7038 cases and 97 deaths, of which 1 child from Illinois died. It is a very stark contrast from what the media is purporting.  

Just like the flu, the Coronavirus can be transmitted by person to person from a cough, sneeze, or touching objects and transmitting them to you mouth, nose, or eyes. However, it is rare for someone not showing the symptoms of the Coronavirus to spread to other people. They have to have the symptoms to spread it.  Look at this picture

This is from the website. It stated people with Coronavirus are contagious when they show the symptoms. 

Now look at this:

With the flu, you are contagious on day one from contracting the virus. On day one of the infection, you are mostly healthy and not showing the symptoms.  Now, you tell me, which is more contagious. 

So let’s keep things in perspective. I understand the social distancing and closure to parks, stores, restaurants, and bars because we are selfish people. There are many who are sick, but insist they won’t give their sickness to anyone else. That is extremely stupid, ignorant, self-centered, and just plain dumb. Just because many chose to get vaccinated for the flu doesn’t mean or guarantee they will be immune from it or can’t get it from an infected person. The flu vaccine decreases the chances of a worldwide pandemic. Unlike the flu, the Coronavirus has no vaccine. Thus, different measures are needed to be taken account to combat it. 

But don’t succumb to the media’s panic. Recovery is high with the Coronavirus. We had other pandemics of the past like AIDS, swine flu (H1N1), bird flu (Avian flu), SARS, MERC, MRSA, Ebola, and the Zika Virus, and we survived each one. Unlike those past pandemics, Trump wasn’t president.  This Coronavirus is a pandemic just like those of the past, but the media is using it for their own personal agenda and that is to blame Trump for it.

As of Sunday, March 29, 2020, a General Primary Care Provider in NYC test 700 Coronavirus positive patient. The doctor gave them hydoxychloroquinone, zinc sulfate, and azithromycin for 5 day therapy. The result..... 100% CURED! Also, it cost $20.00 for a five day therapy.  

Soon you will hear of this.  Please don’t panic. A Coronavirus vaccine is currently  in clinical trials. However, mass production of the vaccine won’t occur til next year. Also, we are not sure it this Coronavirus will be a once time thing like SARS, which fell off the face of the earth. Nonetheless, there is medical treatment with drugs to stop the spread of this virus. Now, we just have to wait til it is announce. But please feel free and Google it yourself.  I just read it today. 

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