Saturday, May 23

Biden & Democrat Party, You Ain’t Black If You Don’t Vote Democrat

It’s a fact. Democrats play identity politics. By grouping certain categories of people and play into their main concerns, the Democrat party believes they can control that particular demographics. Whether the Democrats suck up to the feminist movement, climate change movement, the socialist movement, Hispanic movement, or the Black movement, the Democrat party will promise everything and deliver nothing. Democrats just blame the other side for the broken promises they can’t keep. And ironically, the Democrat votes believe in it.

As years move on and more information are being accessible via the Internet and social media, the left wing liberal socialist exposure is transparent. The main stream media can’t lie anymore. You got a current president willing to fight back; instead of letting things go its course in hoping people will forget. Past presidents are will to turn the other cheek if they are criticized. They allow the pundits from both sides will run amuck dispelling the truth and lie about the facts and visa-versa.

However, when you video proof, it becomes very difficult to spin it; especially when one realizes what he actually goofed.

This happened to the presumed Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden's claim that African Americans voters "ain't black" if they are not planning to vote for him in November. To a normal sane human being with some ounce of common sense, that statement is arrogant and condescending.

It’s understandable that Biden is acting like an angry old man yelling at people to get off the damn lawn. Call it dementia or old age, but such a stupid comment doesn’t excuse those 1.3 million African-Americans who vote for voted for Trump in 2016.

Biden is saying to 1.3 million African-Americans that you're not black. Biden is telling other Blacks that they are only useful during election time. Well, the time is now that the Black community needs to wake up and smell the coffee because Biden and the Democrat party are making the Black people look like fools by taking them for granted.

It didn’t talk long for the media to go on a frenzy. Every group and movement couldn’t resist to chime in and condemn such idiotic statement. Such statements just proves that old white male liberals never cared about the black people. They care about their vote. It’s not the first time it was mentioned. Throughout the Democrat campaign trail, the media and fellow Democrats kept saying Biden needs to win South Carolina and the Black vote. That to itself is condensing. It suggests that Biden automatically earns the Black vote because Biden’s false claim to be pro-Black. When a motto like that is drilled 24/7 over the air, these Democrat voters would likely vote for Biden. And look what happened. Biden won South Carolina and catapulted him as the leading candidate for the 2020 presidential elections.

Let’s keep in mind that Biden sponsored a crime bill during the 1990’s that locked up more African-American males than any other piece of legislation. Wow! Talking of being pro-Black. It had to take several criminal justice reform legislation to correct Biden mistakes. Guess who fixed- Trump!!

It is Trump who is a strong advocate to bring the impoverished and the forgotten to a high standard of living. No modern day Republican or Democrat can make that claim. It took a non political businessman to fix this country and should deserve another four more years to continue to make America great again.

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