Saturday, May 30

Sorry I Don't See Any Racism

Everyone has seen the video of The cop with his knee on the neck of a black suspect, never should have happened. All the riots and the destruction that followed was predictable I'm sorry to say. But why is everyone screaming racism? Is it because the officer was white and the suspect black? If your answer is yes, then you need to start rethinking the meaning of racism.

If you go by that standard every time a white person and a black person have a confrontation it is only because of race. The only reason that they are having that confrontation is that the white person hates black people. Over the year's many white people have died at the hands of black people, was that racism? According to some Liberals out there, black people cannot be racist against white people, although the dictionary differs. 

If we come to a point in our society that every time a cop stops a black person or arrests a black person it's only because that cop is a racist, then we might as well just give all black criminals a pass, because once they start screaming racism a riot will destroy another city. 

I bet any amount of money that at least 80% of the people that have been rioting and causing so much damage don't really care what happened to the black man who died at the hands of that white cop, they are only there to cause mayhem. and who pays the price for all that destruction? the people who live in that community will pay the price for years to come.

So I'm sorry, I see no racism in what happened, I see a cop who made a bad judgement call and now will have to pay the price. 

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