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Illegal alien invaders pouring across border-Obama administration epic fail

Notice that we are refusing to subscribe to the AP universal guidelines for politically correct words, phrases and progressive ideology here. You read that correctly; ILLEGAL ALIEN INVADERS. His push to allow more illegal democratic voters into our besieged country should be enough to enrage most Americans. Another lie that this administration has consistently pushed how our borders are more secure than ever before.

In fairness to this administration, our borders have basically been a six lane interstate allowing easy, illegal entrance to our country from our southern border, for decades. Past administrations have punted the ball down field to make this the problem of the next administration and group of useless politicians we send to D. C. where absolutely nothing is accomplished to seal and secure our borders. But NOW, it is the Obama regime administration that is in power and now it is Obama's problem and he has handled this so badly, one would think perhaps he wants our borders to be as porous as possible to ensure a constant flood of illegal alien invaders who will no doubt vote democratic to get all the free entitlements they can.

Most of the Mexicans and Hispanics that I know and have known, hate illegal immigration and are dead set against it. They do not identify themselves with the pictures and videos shown of thousands of supporters, who are often times bussed in to protest against any and all efforts to secure our borders and stop these illegal alien invaders from entering their country. Many of the people have jumped through all the hoops to obtain citizenship or at least be here legally as they work their way towards becoming full legal citizens of the United States. Some I know are not here legally and were brought here by their parents. They want to do the right thing and obtain legal citizenship but cannot afford to or the process is too complicated. That is a topic for another day.

I was unable to load the video so you will have to go the article at Fox if you want to view it. I will update this with the video when and if I can find a copy that will load properly.

If you are interested in a great site and fine person to learn more about what is going on in the American Southwest, I suggest you visit Velcro's site, Conservative Observer. Those of us who are willing to stand up against Illegal immigration are often called bigots, racists, white supremacists, and every other name in the book by the liberals progressive statists, those free thinkers who believe in the horrible concept of political correctness, excessive diversity and multiculturalism taken to the extremes of 'we know what is best for all of us and that it is only our way of thinking', period.

From Fox News.


'We're being inundated': Arizona group documents border battle with revealing audio, images 

For all the talk in Washington about border security, the one agency charged with providing it isn't sharing a wealth of details. So a group of volunteers -- called Secure Border Intelligence -- has stepped in, working around the clock in Arizona to keep a thorough record of the front lines of the border battle.

Using tiny, motion-activated cameras hidden in the desert along known smuggling routes, the group captures images of illegal immigrants streaming into the U.S. Some carry water, others bundles of drugs slung across their shoulders. SBI also records conversations between Border Patrol pilots and agents on the ground. Excerpts from those conversations, obtained exclusively by Fox News, suggest the border may not be as secure as frequently portrayed by the Obama administration.

The following is one exchange recorded by the group:
Drone Operator: "We haven't been in that area for hours... we're being inundated where we're at."
Fixed-wing Pilot: "This is Night Owl on air four. You guys got targets out there?"
Drone Operator:  "Are you kidding me? We just broke the record."
Helicopter Pilot: "We're going to need another person over here, we've got about 50 bodies out there."
Fixed-wing Pilot: "What's your plan on the group of 20 or so that's outstanding?"
Drone Operator: "Working a group of 37."
Helicopter Pilot: "Left side of the bird, left side of the bird ... bodies and bundles."

Each day, the group posts an audio track taken from the previous 24 hours. The conversations are intercepted off un-encrypted U.S. Border Patrol channels -- it's not unlike people who listen to police and fire department scanners. After listening to agents' back and forth, much of it laced with GPS coordinates, mile markers and known landmarks, the group compresses a 24-hour day into a 10-minute compressed audio file.
On Tuesday, the group noted agents caught three Chinese illegal immigrants. The next day, agents identified 223 immigrants either in or trying to enter Arizona illegally, according to Wednesday's audio download.

The material is distributed as part of an effort by SBI to '"document the porous US/Mexico border (and)  to expose the 'lie' by fostered the current administration that our borders are secure," one of the founders told Fox News. "This documentation is being offered to you and any other news organization without any copyright, distribution, or other restrictions with the stipulation that credit be given."

Customs and Border Protection insists the administration is cranking up border security efforts.

"Under this administration, DHS has dedicated historic levels of personnel, technology, and resources to the Southwest border," the agency said in a recent statement to Fox News. "CBP has more than doubled the size of the U.S. Border Patrol since 2004.  In FY 2012, CBP employed over 21,300 Border Patrol agents, keeping staffing levels along the border at an all-time high.  Additionally, CBP continues to deploy proven, effective surveillance technology tailored to the operational requirements along the highest trafficked areas of the Southwest Border."

The SBI group also uses trail cameras to document the flow of illegal immigrants. Because the video cameras are motion-activated, batteries  on their way to Phoenix and Tucson, and pick-up points in between. The cameras appear to last for weeks. The latest pictures were downloaded and provided to Fox News on Sunday. They show groups of illegal immigrants nonchalantly walking through the desert to have been placed at a position that is a one-to-four days walk north of the border.

However, it's possible not everyone on the video actually escapes the Border Patrol, since the agency uses a layered approach to security. Agents do not always interdict illegal immigrants at the border -- sometimes apprehensions take place five to 10 miles north after several shifts. So it is impossible to know whether all immigrants captured by SBI camera's successfully escaped the Border Patrol.

Asked more about their membership and means, the group's founder said they  preferred to remain anonymous for fear of being targeted.

"Due to the sensitive nature of our endeavor, further disclosure of the mechanism of our efforts cannot be disclosed," he said. "We would prefer that the story be about the 'smoking gun' information provided rather than about the 'messenger' providing the information."

Source is here. 

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