Friday, April 12

Professor at USC is teaching students that the Republican Party is Old, and Racist, see the shocking video.

What are they teaching in Political Science at USC now days?  Well, not so shockingly to me, he is teaching that Republicans are white, angry old racists.  Add stupid to the mix, and that is the valuable lessons that the thousands of dollars in tuition are paying for.  Adding further to the idea that California is become a cesspool of liberalism, and indoctrination, the professor goes on rants frequently that one USC student, Tyler Talgo secretly recorded.
professor USC
Tyler Talgo says he got tired of the indoctrination and the low tolerance for anyone with an opposing viewpoint and decided to make recordings so he could show the bias in the class. Furthermore Mr. Talgo says he was intimidated enough by the professor, that he feared if he dared speak up he would receive a lower grade, simply for voicing an opinion in opposition to the Professor, one Dr. Darry Srago.
Here are some of the charming quotes that can be seen on the video.
“California Republicans, I just showed you, are 30 percent registration in this state, ’cause they’re really stupid. And racist.”
“Republicans are 82 percent white… Losers.”
“The Republican Party in California, as I say all the time, on the record, in print and on radio and on TV, is the last vestige of angry, old white people.”
“Republicans are trying to prevent people of color and people of lower income from voting by requiring voter I.D.”
“You have more trust in old white people than I do… Old white guys are stubborn sons of b**ches, they just are.”
“There are tens of thousands of people who are now dead because George Bush, even though he got fewer votes, became president of the United States. That’s a fact.”
See the video proof here:
“There are tens of thousands of people who are now dead because George Bush, even though he got fewer votes, became president of the United States. That’s a fact.””>
Talgo, says that people shouldn’t be shocked. He says this is not an isolated incident, but is common in the university system. He feels that his money that he pays to go to school, is being wasted. He says instead of teaching them, they are using the classroom as an outlet to push a political agenda.  He says that Professor Srago, often used the classroom in the fall to urge students how to vote.
“All campaigns have a message. Vote for Obama because he’s gonna create jobs, keep the peace and protect Social Security,” the professor explained before giving Romney’s campaign message. “Vote for Romney because Obama’s all f**ked up and I gotta do things differently. K? Whatever.”
And as far as any Republicans who may still live in California, the state doesn't “need” you anymore, he explained. “They are totally irrelevant and clinically depressed,” Sragow said.
So apparently now California doesn't need Republicans? Hmmmm. Perhaps USC doesn't need any money from Republican students then.
Is this honestly what is considered a good education ? I mean it is no wonder so many college graduates are still living at home with mommy and daddy. In fact 45 percent of college grads just out of school are living at home, and have a shockingly high unemployment rate.  That 45 percent number is up from 31 percent a decade ago. A  stunning unemployment rate of 53% is what new college graduates can expect.  That number has inflated  from 41% in 2000. No wonder college grads seem to lack the hard skills that are necessary in today’s job market. This is the kind of “facts” they are learning in the University System.
I personally think professors should be free to express their opinions, OUTSIDE the classroom. I understand that , not everyone is going to agree in a university. A mention of the fact they vote democratic or republican would be fine, but they are teaching things that aren’t fact. They are using the University system to promote an agenda and voicing opinion as FACT. They are teaching this to kids who are paying them thousands of dollars to learn enough to go out and be competitive in the real world. How on earth is teaching that Republicans are old and racist, going to help them?
Professor Srago, even gives such enlightened higher learning as attacking Ann Romney’s “look”.
The professor also went after Ann Romney, saying she looks like “she’s out of 1955.”
“The women who are going to help decide the race are often women who have to work for a living, maybe single, maybe divorced, maybe single parents who are raising kids. And she looks like she is hanging out at the county club in Mad Men,”
Yeah, now that is some hard hitting political learning right there. If he wanted to be a fashion consultant, perhaps he should seek a show on “E”.  Honestly, I hear Joan River’s is looking for a new male partner. Instead of wasting students money on comments about Ann Romney’s appearance, how about if he actually teaches something relevant to politics?  Oh wait I suppose that an uneducated  conservative such as myself shouldn't be telling a “lofty” USC professor what to teach. After all, I am far too stupid to comprehend such drivel. `
I think USC should hold its professors to a higher standard, although, I really didn't expect much different.

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