Friday, April 12

Dad furious after son is asked to write a sentence agreeing to give up his constitutional rights

Aaron Harvey is furious with his son’s school.  He found a paper in his sons backpack written in crayon. The student says that the teacher asked him to write it. What was the sentence?
I am willing to give up some of my constitutional rights in order to be safer or more secure. 
Harvey’s son attends Cedar Hills Elementary in Jacksonville, Florida. His son says the teacher had a speaker come in and speak to them about the constitution. After a local attorney spoke to the students about the constitution  and he had gone; the teacher, Cheryl Sabb dictated the sentence and had the class copy it down.  The sentence got shoved into his sons backpack and no one noticed it until his mom was going through his backpack and found it. She almost threw it away, but the words shocked her.
Photo Courtesy of The Blaze
Photo Courtesy of The Blaze

Harvey to make sure that his son was accurate asked some of his sons classmates. They told him the same thing.  Mr. Harvey was naturally concerned. He wants his son to be educated about the constitution.  He wants him to know when it was drafted, what it contains, when it was ratified, etc, but he wants it to be taught in an unbiased manner. This is clearly not unbiased.
Mr. Harvey says he was contacted by the school , the principal, a guidance counselor, and Ms. Saab herself. They told him the children wrote the sentence of their own free will with no encouragement from Ms. Saab. Mr. Harvey is a bit skeptical and had this to say.  “All the children are pointing at the teacher,” Harvey said Friday. “They [the school] told me that my son wrote that on his own free will — there’s no way he knew how to write that on his own free will. He likes to use some big words to flourish — [but] if he was going to put together a sentence that political I’m sure it would be more jumbled than a nice sentence like that.”
My opinion goes something like this. I have a fourth grader, and no way would she ever just think up a sentence like that to write. She is very smart, and often writes stories, but this is an adult sentence.  If he did write it he was prompted.  Even if she didn’t dictate it to him word for word, it was obviously suggested.  Kids don’t just think of stuff like that to say without some type of teaching. Really, most of them don’t really care much about the constitution at that point. Children mostly have whatever rights their parents give them at that age, and don’t generally worry about constitutional rights. Also he apparently has a dad who does not feel that way. In fact. his dad is a 6 1/2 year veteran, and patently does NOT accept this premise. Someone is prompting that type of thought.
This is more of the slow but steady liberalization of the public school system.  The push is on. They are going to make people feel guilty about owning gun, and standing up for freedom of speech. It has already begun. People who proudly sport the flag, and own guns have been ridiculed and marginalized, as, stupid, or rednecks, or “clinging to guns and God”. Remember that little gem from Fuhrer Obama? We are portrayed as uneducated, gun-toting lunatics by the vast majority of the media, and now it is seeping into the school system.
Don’t ever forget for a second that liberal tolerance is only extended to those with the same opinions. Anyone who disagrees is to be eradicated, by the media, by ad campaigns, by the internet, by the schools, and by the universities  If they can make it “uncool” to be a patriot, then we will cease to exist.
Don’t let them make us a footnote

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Velcro said...

That is totally outrageous! I hope his dad makes a big stink up to the school board - without letting his son know so he doesn't get dragged into the center of it.

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