Monday, May 13

MSNBC tears into the federal government (yes really): Accusations of Tyranny

If you are Barack Obama, you should be getting very nervous right about now. Today, on the “Morning Joe” show, host Joe Scarborough ripped into the federal government. He lambasted the IRS and added the government to his tirade, “this government is using the Internal Revenue Service to target people with whom they disagree.” He didn’t stop there. He got Willie Geist in the fray too, and Willie Joined in the harsh criticism of a government that targeted conservatives. Mr. Geist jumped in and brought up the “T” word. That’s right, he said Tyranny. He said that the targeting of the Tea Party and other Conservative groups by the IRS constituted tyranny.
“When it comes to political speech, it’s sacrosanct. Our founding fathers meant for it to be sacrosanct,” Scarborough said, going on the lambaste the IRS. “Liberal and conservative Supreme Courts alike do not allow the government to tread on political speech. There is a wall around that, and the wall has been knocked down by the IRS for several years now.”
Other members on the panel of “Morning Joe” joined in, in harshly criticizing a government that would allow this to happen. The tirade comes on the heels of a scandalous apology by the IRS admitting that they targeted Conservative groups, primarily the Tea Party, during the 2012 election.
“This is tyranny. If this is the government, a nonpartisan agency coming after specific groups, this time it’s real.” said, Joe Scarborough as he called on Obama to investigate, and FIRE People, and to condemn the actions of the IRS in the harshest terms possible.
Watch the tirade here.
Joe Scarborough noted that they didn’t JUST target the Tea Party, but ANY organization that was worried about spending, government excesses, or any conservative group. At this point even the ACLU is talking about how “chilling” this is. The normally liberal MSNBC, who has Joe Scarborough as the token conservative, (LOL) has been forced to acknowledge the absolutely unacceptable targeting of conservatives by the IRS. The normally liberal panel, literally ridiculed, the idea that it wasn’t “politically motivated”.  They even tore into the New York Time’s coverage of it laughing at the way they tried to soft shoe it, to make conservatives look like they were hung up on a small issue,
Ok Obama, you know you are in trouble when MSNBC and the ACLU unabashedly go after the federal government and demand that you do your job. MSNBC is the most liberal main stream media television show on the air right now. They make no secret, even creating ads that mirrored Barack Obama’s slogan “Forward” which has socialist/communist roots.  They support the president and ridicule the Tea Party every chance they get, yet now…. even they recognize the deterioration of freedom and the chilling role the government plays in targeting conservatives.
Obama did come out today, and say that it was “unacceptable”. But honestly, do you really think he didn’t know? I mean the IRS, just randomly decided to target conservative organizations, without some order from someone higher up? I don’t believe that it was just the actions of a handful of rogue agents, this was very specific, and the order came from somewhere. The secrets and Lies of the Obama administration are coming out a little at a time. Like a dam with a leak, drip, drip, drip until finally the break and the whole disgusting sordid truth will come out.
So what will Obama do? The answer is simple. Whatever he has to do to save his ass.

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Julie Monroe said...

Welcome to the party, MSNBC.

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