Friday, April 19

Should this Texas school counselor be fired for saying “whites will be wiped from the earth”?

A Texas guidance counselor at Andrew Jackson Middle School in Grand Prairie ISD, has been suspended and relieved of duty after a scandalous statement on her local Televisions Facebook page. The school also took the remarkable step of removing all reference to Ms. Wright  from their staff section on their webpage. Ms. Karon Wright posted the following statement on WFAA-TV’s Facebook page, which has since been removed: “It’s amazing how the whites get angry when Obama speaks. Oh well….its most of the whites who is getting blown away. So they will soon be wiped from the earth.Lol” First, she is supposed to be a professional and obviously suffers from poor grammar. I will ignore that for a moment. However, was her statement on Facebook enough to cost her her job? It is certainly inflammatory and hateful, but should she be fired?
Karon Wright
Courtesy of The Blaze
I say she should. Certainly I support a persons right to free speech, but free speech doesn’t mean you can say what you want without consequences. I says you cannot be jailed for your speech. Certainly this is nothing to prosecute, but think that someone who has direct influence on our children should be subject to school policy. This is a racist statement and she is obviously a racist. Will Caucasian children feel comfortable taking advice from her, and speaking with her as a counselor knowing that she feels that it would be an “lol” if the whites were literally blown off the face of the earth? Will her opinion affect her as a counselor. I think the answers to these questions are obvious. She has lost all credibility with the Caucasian children. They will now feel uncomfortable around her. She has made her racist attitude painfully clear. So yes it affects her job performance and her credibility as a professional.
If the situation were reversed and it was a white teacher speaking of black people in such a fashion we wouldn’t even be asking the question. I would agree then as well that the teacher should be relieved of duty. The school did the right thing relieving her of her duties. Now it is time to take the next step and fire her. People need to learn that what you say on a Facebook is NOT PRIVATE. I have no idea how many friends Ms. Wright has, but when you post things on a public Facebook page, others share and see what you wrote. Ms. Wright is not only a racist, but is apparently not intelligent either. She must’ve known there would be consequences for such poor speech (and bad grammar, lol). People have slipped into treating their Facebook as a personal journal. It isn’t personal. People read it, and if they get pissed, then yes they are going to call you on it. In this case it may cost Ms. Wright her job, and rightly so.
I will be keeping on top of this case to see if the school continues in the right direction with this obvious racist.

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